After the completion of the initial administrative services and the embassy/consulate has issued the death certificate (if required), EverCare Solution can arrange a cremation in a designated temple if so decided by the next of kin and family.

The cremation procedure includes preliminary preparation of coffin from the Company’s factory and embalmment if necessary.

Afterwards, the Company provides transport service to deliver the remains to the designated temple for cremation.

The Company will help the family with organizing a ceremony to ensure the strictest dignity and respect to all religious principles according to the family’s preferences. In case a local cremation is decided, a dedicated coordinator will attend the ceremony in order to ensure the following arrangements:

  • Monks praying/chanting for the deceased
  • Fresh flower decoration
  • Offerings to the monks and the temple
  • Company wreath or coffin spray
  • Merit making after the ceremony
  • Family’s presence at the ceremony can be arranged as well, altogether with transportation services to and from the temple

On the day after the ceremony, the body ashes will be collected and placed into a 7-inch high brass or wooden urn. Then, per the wishes of family, the ashes can be:

  • Handed over to the family directly if the family is in Thailand
  • Sprinkled/scattered at sea/river or any other location as allowed/permitted
  • Enshrined in the temple wall
  • Repatriated to the home country. In such a case, a wooden case will be provided in order to protect the urn.